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Phase 2

Goal: Improve strength and stability of the ankle

What I know: I now have a 300% increased risk of injury

What I need to do: Exercise therapy to decrease this risk of injury

I am fit for Phase 2 when: I can walk without significant pain and with a normal stride

I am fit for phase 3 when: I can jog without pain

After an ankle injury, passive (ligamentous) stability is impaired so active (muscular) stability must be optimised. Stability is provided by both strength and control of the muscle. The muscle must be strong enough to hold the joint in place and contract at the correct time. Contracting 1/50th of a second too late may be too late in a high speed movement. For general ankle health returning to normal range must be a focus.

Included below is a sample program however it is far more preferable to have such a program demonstrated and supervised by a physiotherapist.

Sample Program

Warm up:

Walk 5 minutes

Range of motion activity:

Knee to wall exercise

Strength activity:

Heel raise progression
1) Two legs on flat ground
2) Two legs with added weight on flat ground 3) Single two legs from a deficit i.e. off a step 4) Toe raise
5) Toe external rotation

Balance / Control exercise:

Single leg balance (stand on one leg for 30 – 60 seconds). This can be made more difficult by placing your hands across your shoulders, closing your eyes or standing on the ball of your foot.


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